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Top 5 Content Marketing Methods

by Sa'ed Hammad

how to build your audience? 

Content marketing is the best way to build your audience by creating, publishing and distributing content online to them in order to attract the audience, increase sales, brand trustiness and credibility.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of delivering the right content to your audience in all the places they are searching for it. it is the process of creation non-product content such as informational, educational, entertaining or any attractive topic which will get the attention of the audience to know more about your business.


Top 5 Content Marketing Ideas.

content marketing seems to be a simple process, but the major point is how to get the right people to your website?

choosing the right content is the most important point in content marketing, choosing relevant, valuable, and engaging content will attract new customers and encourage existing customers to keep dealing with your business.

Build an Audience to Build Your Business.

here are  5  content marketing ideas to keep your business growing.



what is a Blog?

A blog is a frequently updated online business news or diary which typically focus on specific subjects and allow users to write their comments about each posting.

Blogging becomes the most popular and successful content marketing method. it provides an easy way to keep your customers up-to-date on what’s going on. before you start publishing in your blog, you must specify your audience first to help you to choose the content of your posts. Explain your points of view and give a deeper look into your business. This will introduce you as a proficient in your business.



Nowadays, Video creation become a very simple process. All businesses arias frequently post videos on their websites, youtube channel or on social media. you can make a video explaining the process of creating your product or services, how to use them and any tips you want to show to your customers. Also, you can make product comparisons to show customers the quality of your products in comparison with the other companies before buying. Another use of videos is to make a video with your best blog posts.YouTube or Vimeo is a great place for posting your videos.


Email Newsletters

The email newsletter is a good method to attract an audience. you should first specify your potential clients, make a list of their emails and Choose at least one product or service you present which may attract way to make your email list is to put sign up forms in each blog post on your website.

campaign builder makes it easy to create email campaigns that best suit your message.

email marketing service providers like MailChimp or Constant Contact can be used for creating and sending emails easily.



What is FAQ page?

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) is a page which has the answers to audience commonly asked questions in order to reduce time spent calling into customer service.

How to create your FAQ page?

Your FAQ page content must be useful for customers so they can find answers to their questions, for that you should first  Find out what questions your customers are really asking? if you have a call center then you can collect many questions to answer in your FAQ page. also if you have a comment or feedback area on your website, then it will be a great place to know what thing do your customers wonder about.

FAQ section is also beneficial from an SEO content marketing perspective, also it is great for social media sharing since it’s content is what your audience looking.


Social Media

social media become one of the most common marketing methods. Create a page for your business with attractive topics to increase the members. Sharing a blog posts links to your social media accounts is the best idea to drive a traffic to your website. Post your ideas on popular social media networks like Facebook or Twitter to attract the audience to attract members, generate likes and make a fan base.


Finally, believe in your ideas.  keep introducing your points of view. one day, you will achieve what you dream.



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