Saedx for Web Design Blog Web Design Services Wed, 24 Jul 2019 23:55:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 52161811 Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin in 6 easy steps Wed, 24 Jul 2019 23:38:30 +0000 You lost your WordPress password and can not even reset it via email because you forgot email too, don’t worry there is a solution.

Now you can reset a WordPress password via phpMyAdmin, here 6 easy steps to reset WordPress password it directly from the database using phpMyAdmin.

It easily steps to reset a WordPress password from phpMyAdmin but if you are not familiar with database be careful or call the expert to do it for you.

here the steps to reset a WordPress password via phpMyAdmin, if you just follow images instruction and mark’s you will succeed to do it.

1- login to phpMyAdmin
If you have access to your website cPanel or to your hosting account, log in to your cPanel then at the cPanel dashboard, click on the phpMyAdmin icon, it could be within the database section.

If you are running a website using the local server like XAMPP, WAMPP or MAMPP, just go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/, or find a link at first screen show to you when you run the program (control panel).

2- In phpMyAdmin, click on your WordPress database name which you need to reset its user password.

3- From the list of tables shows for you find ‘wp_users’ table then click on the ‘Browse’ link next to it.

Note: Table name may a different than (wp_users) it could be any text followed by (_users).

4- from WordPress users list shows to you, click on the edit link of the username wants to change their password.

5- from user information fields find user_pass field under column header.
Now, in the same user_pass row:
– Under the function header, select MD5 from the drop-down list.

– After you choose MD5 in user_pass, in the same row under the value header, write your new password – typing.

6- scroll page down, click Go button.

Congratulations! Now try new WordPress password you set it using phpMyAdmin.


When do you need to reset the WordPress password from phpMyAdmin?
Reset WordPress password using phpMyAdmin it should be your last choice and if you want to that, we alert you should have good knowledge in using phpMyAdmin or follow above steps in this article carefully.
you need to using phpMyAdmin to reset WordPress password in these cases:
– You cannot reset WordPress password via regular way, the regular way is when you enter /wp-admin to login you see an option link (lost your password?), but you can’t be using this option happens when you forget your email of registered username, or maybe you forget email and username together but you still have access to cPanel.

– Your website is in localhost, so if you forget a password at localhost no way to reset password in a regular way we had mentioned because in most cases sending email from localhost websites not working and that’s the common situation.
in localhost mean you run website using XAMPP or WAMPP for example.

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Are our Designs Portfolio Reflect our Creativity as a Design Company? Mon, 08 Apr 2019 15:16:32 +0000 At Saedx for web design and online marketing which our services include graphic design, so when we are wondering: are all the designs created by us reflect our creativity as a design company? this is a very important question, especially when most of the clients “if not all of them” asking us about our web design portfolio, graphic design portfolio or ask us to see our previous designs to know our experience level before taking their decision about dealing with us.

Designers portfolio or design companies portfolio is like their university grade or practical experience for someone looking to a job, their certified and experience strengthen their position in front of the employer as well as for graphic design company with clients.

At Saedx company we are specialized in web design and graphic design, so we always face this question from clients: We want to see your previous works? Even when they randomly visiting our website through the search engine, for example, the first thing they keen to see is our design portfolio. Our website visitors they already know that we are a web design and graphic design company and on this basis, they know our services and what we offer but the most important point remains for them is to check our company’s portfolio.

As our design portfolio has a big impact on the clients decision who are looking for a company that provides our services, so we may have issues with some of our previous work which not creative due to several reasons, such as:

We apply a client view on design, not our view.

There are some customers who intervene in the smallest details related to designs and this is their right of course, but the problem is when they do not have any design experience and do not know the new trends in design or don’t have an artistic touch.

Some customer may ask to merge colors that are inconsistent with each other or reduce distances between layout sections which making layout content overlapping and uncomfortable for readers or other things that simply distort the design and make it poor, but keep this customer desire at the end and we should do what they want.
In this case, we have no choice but to satisfy the customer’s desire even if we have a reservation on his requests and non-substantive interventions.

Our mission is to reach a design that satisfies the client, not a design that reflects our capabilities, in addition, we are thinking about the customer’s field of work when start designing.

This is another important point. When we start to work on a design, we try to reach a convergence point with the client vision, so that the design should be within the client vision of their brand.
We are showing a client brand through our design not our technical capabilities, methods, and accumulated experience in design. however, the design governed by the business kind and this may restrict us.
For example, if we design a website for children school it different than if we design a website for university or a commercial institution, in the case of the children’s school we will depend on the colors and give the design some joy and animated style, otherwise if we are working on the design of a corporate business, the design will be more serious and formal.

The initial design we provide is always modified by the customers

This point is consistent with what we have said previously that our goal is to reach a design that satisfies the customer’s artistic outlook and how wants to highlight his brand.

Often when starting a design project, whether graphic design or website design, we deliver an initial desgin which reflect our creativity and our vision of design. This first demo design may be modified by the customer to the extent that it completely turns it away from the first demo we provided or may be refused and we create another one.

We continue to modify and change design until we reach to design acceptable by the client and this is our main goal is to deliver a project that client satisfaction and happy of what we have done.


in some cases, the client sends a template design or suggest design idea and we only implement this design on his brand or even in the case of designing a website, the customer may provide us with an approved design image then our job is coding only and build a backend.

These are some of the factors which possible to realize from it that not all customers depend on us for creativity and design ideas. There are those who consider us to be implementation tools for what they think and imagine. However, we do not object to this because the client is the decision owner and our target his full satisfaction with work.




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4 Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategy Tue, 12 Mar 2019 19:35:03 +0000 Every year you need to take a deep breath and think of the past twelve months concerning online marketing activity and strategy that you followed.

As a business owner, you need to give yourself the opportunity to sit back and look at your online marketing objectives.

You should proactively approach to online marketing and brand development to bring good results and grow up your business.

below there are four tips may help your business to improve your online marketing position and perhaps identify some of the weak points that you would like to improve going forward on the online marketing world.

Collect people feedback about your business.

Brand loyalty is earned through quality engagement, so listen to what people are saying about your brand, services or products. Look at people comments on your business Facebook page or what they tweet Twitter official account. How users evaluate your location on Google maps, do you have 5 stars or 4, 3.. you have to give clients an opportunity to voice their opinion about your business and what you sell, whether you sell services, products or you are just individual business like doctor or lawyer.

Granting your clients an opportunity to describe their experience about work with you it gives you a good chance to improve your work performance and consider their feedback in your future online marketing plan.

However, you should not leave negative feedback on your social media accounts without a response, you have to put the right plan to monitor and engage with your online community.

Most of the clients are hugely influenced by other client’s feedback and reviews, so encouraging clients to say the right thing is very important even if you feel there is a fake review by a malicious person you should not ignore it and ask them to prove the problem front of all.

However, be smart and demonstrating that you respect all opinions and are prepared to acknowledge of real problems if it exists.

Think about how you can gather people feedback and learn about what said about your brand and the services you provide.

Analyze and monitoring where most online leads are coming from

Define which online marketing actions or ways have proved to be the most successful in bringing in new business. You may use a lot of online marketing ways like social media, AdWords or email marketing .. etc, so when you define which best way that brings clients to you can focus more on it. Identify the correct metrics to accurately evaluate the performance of online marketing help you to identify what is the ways that most efficiently with your business.

Target right audience

Targeting the right audience who are interested in your services or what you sell, will let you save most of the ads cost and effort.

Ask yourself who is your core target audience? make your voice heard for the target right users. Targeting the right core audience with relevant content and online marketing fit with their needs and motivations.

You need to evolve your ideal client’s profiles then build an online marketing strategy for those potential or target clients.

Think about them and think about what type of content they engage with to see brand messaging related to your business.

When you target the right audience by a good online marketing strategy, there is higher the chance of producing good returns.

Define your marketing voice

Do you have a consistent marketing voice that users recognize and trust?

Describe your business and the services you provide in the best way is so important. Brand culture is an important factor in the buying decision of many clients.

Having a clear tone of voice running through your marketing method give your brand a consistent style of communication can make your brand stand out on market competition and present a professional image of your business.

Brand culture and personality define your position in the market. Your brand boosts your online marketing.

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Website Suspended Due to Nonpayment Mon, 11 Feb 2019 23:34:42 +0000 web hosting services

We provide web hosting services for our client upon their request and they are free to choose other hosting provider and request any of our services like web design service, web development service or redesign a website service from us and upload our work to their registered web hosting.

we don’t mind if client prefer to hosting their website with another hosting provider, and most of time they ask us for help in registration steps in online popular web hosting provider companies like GoDaddy or Bluehost and they want to connect their web hosting account to their personal email, at this case we give them our advice and recommendations about best online hosting company provider or hosting packages and help them in the registration steps process.
We respect the customer’s wishes and we are ready to provide advice and information useful to them.
However, some of the clients choose to host their website with us to make sure they get the best support from our side and get our guarantee on hosting.

If a client chose us as a hosting provider we take yearly fees as all hosting provider company.

When we provide web hosting service to the client, the suspending a website hosting for no reason is not at our company policy or our work ethics except some situations.
At Saedx for web design and development company hate to lose clients but in some cases, we see our selves forced to suspend our client account.
In our Terms of Service that non-payment on an invoice for service will cause the service affected after a period of time for example.

here cases which we suspend web hosting account for a client:
1- If has already been almost 120 days past without paying our services fees.
2- If a client tell us to close the account and he would not want to renew web hosting services.
3- If the client using their website for hacking or harm other websites through his website which we hosting.

that’s the only three cases we force us to suspend client website.
we never look for client website content or personal stuff, we are a very professional company and proud of that.

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Front End Developer vs. Back End Developer – for Beginner Tue, 05 Feb 2019 00:54:18 +0000 As we mentioned in the article title, in this article we will try to clarify what the difference between front end developer and back end developer for non-technical users, we will try to avoid any technical terms as we can. So, IT peoples this article is not for you 🙂

If you plan to create a website or you looking website design services you may hear about some job title like front end developer and back end developer, did you know what the tasks of each of them in building a website? And how their work completes each other?

All right, let us find out by taking a closer look at exactly what’s involved by describing what a front end developer job is and work tasks entrusting to him.


Front End Developer:

A front end developer is someone that implements the visual elements or website design using specific coding in order to website users and visitors see and interacts with.

Usually, a front end developer takes a design of a website from a designer as a website mockup in JPG, PSD or Ai format then he converts it into a static website using three coding languages HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

That static website made by front end developer is a website that does not rely on dynamic features.

What did we mean by the dynamic website?

In simple words without technical description like (client-side scripting or server-side scripting) which normal user doesn’t understand, basically we call website as a dynamic when it’s having a control management system (CMS) which allows to web admin to edit/add/upload image/..etc. by certain dashboard they can log in to it by username and password, but that’s not all, dynamic website allow to inactive visual elements such as search in the website field, contact us form, add to cart … etc. and any other element contains interact between user and website to work.

By understanding the difference between a dynamic website and static website you can easily understand what the job of front end developer and back end developer.

Back end developer:

Back end developer is the person who develops of Content Management Systems (CMS) which run on the website host and are used to convey information between the database and the browser / front end.

Plus he makes a dynamic features work, which needs specific code or scripts, such as make website form allowing to user to submit information then web admin receives it by email defined in code script. Plus he can create a script to validate name, e-mail, and URL enter it by the users and give them an error, all these functionalities and more not working on the static website.

Essentially the backend development is the server side, means those processes that happen ‘behind the scenes’ away from the front end of the website which we can call it the soul of the website if we assume the front end is a body.

I guess you can imagine how front end developer and back end developer work together, in a simple word after front end developer creates a static website then the back end developer cares of making it dynamic website.

Full Stack Developer

We have talked about the difference between the front end developer and back end developer, but there is another type of developer named “full-stack developer”.

A full stack developer is a developer that is familiar with both front end and back end development languages; also have general knowledge in all steps from concept to finished product.

How to Become a Full Stack Developer?

You can read a full article about how to become a full stack developer and what you need to learn by clicking on the above link.

However, here a short list of what a full-stack developer should be proficient in:

  • UI and UX
  • Web hosting environment.
  • Relational and nonrelational databases.
  • APIs understanding.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Security issues.
  • Clients and business needs.
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Informative Website vs. Attractive Website Tue, 15 Jan 2019 03:10:58 +0000 Informative website means the website that provides useful or interesting information, in other words, the website that includes good content. We want to talk in this article about why we should focus on content more than web design.

Imagine there are two websites sell the same products or services:

The first website contains useless content and no details or good resources but they have an elegant design of the website is very attractive and beautiful with a lot of interactive behavior on web design.

The second website contains clear content, easy to use and you can reach the information you are looking for easily through clear website navigation with helpful resources and a clear business message.

As we said both websites sell the same product or service, which one you will pick to deal with? or which one do you think will generate more sales?

An Informative Website will win. An informative website will generate More Sales than an Attractive Website as Studies Says.

Researchers findings of their study on how the positive understanding of a brand can enhance the internet users desire to deal with business. They also demonstrated how an information-based website beat an attractively designed one.

Does that mean you don’t need an attractive web design on the internet?

No, these days having an old look website design give a bad impression about your business and what you offer, plus the users may look for your competitor’s websites and if find them more modern and updated may decrease your chance to get clients, any business should care about their brand image, they should avoid negative effects could happen because of old-style website design… read more about our website redesign services and why you should redesign your website to be more modern.

There is no contradiction here, you should always give priority to the content of the website, the main goal of the design is to serve the web content in an attractive and creative way.

You should consider that you sell a service or a product and want to focus on it and take it out in an attractive way. It is not your purpose of designing the website to highlight the design at the expense of the content.

It is a simple thing, you can have an attractive website with useful content, write great content or we can provide copywriting service for you then let us design the attractive web design for you that impress users. Contact us now!

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What is a 404 error page not found ? Thu, 03 Jan 2019 04:08:33 +0000 what is a 404 error?
404-page error, in short, its mean the page cannot found on the website or page doesn’t exist.
404 error appears when you enter a wrong URL that doesn’t exist on a live website.
It is one of the most common errors you can face while browsing the internet websites, which often occurs when following a broken website link or if you enter a wrong website address or website URL that doesn’t exist, or website path has changed.
404 error message can be seen in different forms, such as (404 Page Not Found) or (404 Not Found)
Common reasons of 404 error :
  • user type wrong URL.
  • web admin change page Permalink.
  • web admin removes a page.
  • no redirect from old page URL to the new one.

Why it’s important to have a 404 error page on your website?

a 404 error page is like you tell visitors that website is not broken or down you just come to a wrong place and here the point. you don’t want website visitors to leaves website with an of feeling that website does not respond or damaged, especially if they are not familiar with your website.
another point its good for SEO to define 404 error page.
The consequence is that the user is likely to leave the website and never return. This could mean potentially losing a new customer, after a bad experience that could have easily been avoided.

How to create a 404 error page?

Here are top tips for creating a 404 error page:
  • The page design should be consistent with the rest of the website.
  • Write a clear message acknowledging the problem, indicating the possible cause and provide a solution.
  • Avoid technical terminologies as many web users may not understand what it means.
  • Keep the website navigation menu shown.
  • Create a link to go back to the previous page as an optional.
  • Include a link to the sitemap for all of the main sections or pages of the website.
  • Include contact form as an option to report a broken link for web admin.
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5 Social Media Marketing Tips Tue, 13 Nov 2018 19:21:53 +0000 social media marketing has become one of the most important marketing successful methods in our time, it an easier way to communicate to the audience and reaches potential customers.

Many of us think that it is an easy marketing method that does not require experience or plan so many marketers fall into many mistakes.

Here are 5 social media marketing tips you should take into consideration.

1 – Marketing Plan

social media marketing with no plan is like setting off on a long car trip with no map and not even knowing destination you are going for. you need to prepare a plan to make sure that your social media marketing efforts and money you spend on ads campaign not lost.

2 – Don’t link social media platform in one platform

for example, don’t linking your Facebook to your Twitter to share a Facebook post on twitter tweet or your Instagram image to your Facebook. This lazy way it shows you don’t share any thought into the format of your content, and the audience doesn’t like it, so just share the content that it can be viewed on the social media platform you have posted it to.

3 – Be Authentic

stop copying from other accounts content or images in your posts. Just be original and have your special identity with unique content attract the audience.

4 – Create Engagement

To create engagement you have to actually engage with followers. check your mentions, people comments, and their messages. Take a time to reply to people that respond to any of your posts. Thank people when they say something good about you and click like button when they comment your post and you can retweet their reply. This will get more difficult to keep up with as your page fan grows but stay with it for as long as you can.

5- Do not just post for the sake of posting.

Every content you sharing at social media should have a goal or present some benefit to your audience.

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