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Useful Tools and Tips to Find the Perfect Domain Name 2021

by Sa'ed Hammad

The website domain name is your special identity on the Internet. Even if you are an individual, business, organization, or whatever your field is, when you planning to exist on the Internet you should have a domain name as the first step.

before we get started with tools and tips to find the best domain name, here is some general information to know about the domain name:

What’s a domain name?

A domain name is the website name (ex our domain name: or in another meaning an address where Internet users can access the website.

Why is the domain name is important for businesses?

For businesses, having a website with a special domain name that will use for email addresses will give the business a more professional look, protect trademarks, build creditability, help get verified on social media networks and increase brand awareness.

What is ICANN?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is a non-profit organization that was established in the US in 1998, that coordinates domain names and IP addresses for the internet.
When you register a domain name through a domain name registrar like (, GoDaddy..etc), they pay a small fee to ICANN to register your domain as part of the domain registration process.

What is TLD (Top-level Domain)?

TLD refers to the last part of the domain name that follows immediately after the “dot” symbol.
Examples of some of the popular TLDs and their explanations:
.com – Commercial businesses
.org – Organizations (generally charitable)
.net – Network organizations

What is a nTLD?

In 2012, ICANN revealed its plans to create a program that would launch hundreds of new TLDs (nTLDs).
Today there are hundreds of new TLDs are available and there are good chances to finding the perfect domain name.
Here are examples of new TLD which can reflect your personality, your profession, or anything else that describe you:
.marketing, .design, .news, .club, .space and more..

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Tools for Picking the Perfect Domain Name


Check domain name here

The best one for me

Bulk domain search has a good tool called Bulk domain search that allows you to enter multiple domain names separated by spaces or newlines then choose from their huge list of TLDs the chosen TLD that you want to check your keywords + TLDs if it’s available.


Word Combiner

BustAName is an online tool for word combine that checks available domains with several options like: save domains for review, create groups of words to craft domain names and switch the word order to create new domains.
BustAName tool check a results for domain with only these extentions or TLDs: .com,.net, .org , .info & .biz


Fast Search

Domainr is one of the useful and fastest search way for available domains that allows you to explore available domain names without the need to click the search button to see results.
Domainr check results for domains with over 1,000 TLDs.

Lean Domain Search

Prefixes and Suffixes

Lean Domain Search is a search engine for finding available domain names by a special feature of generating 5000 available prefixes and suffixes for the term of the domain you looking for that you typing in a search field. With an option of sorting and filtering search results to find a suitable domain name.

Domain Typer

Generates a Suggestions

Domain Typer is a useful, fast and easy-to-use domain availability checking tool. It not only shows if a domain keyword entered is available but also generates a suggestions domain name combined with your keyword. Plus they have a good tool that searches on social networks if the username of your keyword is available on the popular social media platforms.

Name Mesh

Generates a Suggestions

Name Mesh using almost 10 generators with a lot of suggestions in separated types like short, mix, premium and SEO. With more the 200 suggestions they give you a long list to find a good domain that uses your keyword combined with others words.


Check Popular TLDs + Social Media Username

Help your brand to find a username that is still available on the plurality social media platforms.

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