Informative website means the website that provides useful or interesting information, in other words, the website that includes good content. We want to talk in this article about why we should focus on content more than web design.

Imagine there are two websites sell the same products or services:

The first website contains useless content and no details or good resources but they have an elegant design of the website is very attractive and beautiful with a lot of interactive behavior on web design.

The second website contains clear content, easy to use and you can reach the information you are looking for easily through clear website navigation with helpful resources and a clear business message.

As we said both websites sell the same product or service, which one you will pick to deal with? or which one do you think will generate more sales?

An Informative Website will win. An informative website will generate More Sales than an Attractive Website as Studies Says.

Researchers findings of their study on how the positive understanding of a brand can enhance the internet users desire to deal with business. They also demonstrated how an information-based website beat an attractively designed one.

Does that mean you don’t need an attractive web design on the internet?

No, these days having an old look website design give a bad impression about your business and what you offer, plus the users may look for your competitor’s websites and if find them more modern and updated may decrease your chance to get clients, any business should care about their brand image, they should avoid negative effects could happen because of old-style website design… read more about our website redesign services and why you should redesign your website to be more modern.

There is no contradiction here, you should always give priority to the content of the website, the main goal of the design is to serve the web content in an attractive and creative way.

You should consider that you sell a service or a product and want to focus on it and take it out in an attractive way. It is not your purpose of designing the website to highlight the design at the expense of the content.

It is a simple thing, you can have an attractive website with useful content, write great content or we can provide copywriting service for you then let us design the attractive web design for you that impress users. Contact us now!