As we mentioned in the article title, in this article we will try to clarify what the difference between front end developer and back end developer for non-technical users, we will try to avoid any technical terms as we can. So, IT peoples this article is not for you 🙂

If you plan to create a website or you looking website design services you may hear about some job title like front end developer and back end developer, did you know what the tasks of each of them in building a website? And how their work completes each other?

All right, let us find out by taking a closer look at exactly what’s involved by describing what a front end developer job is and work tasks entrusting to him.


Front End Developer:

A front end developer is someone that implements the visual elements or website design using specific coding in order to website users and visitors see and interacts with.

Usually, a front end developer takes a design of a website from a designer as a website mockup in JPG, PSD or Ai format then he converts it into a static website using three coding languages HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

That static website made by front end developer is a website that does not rely on dynamic features.

What did we mean by the dynamic website?

In simple words without technical description like (client-side scripting or server-side scripting) which normal user doesn’t understand, basically we call website as a dynamic when it’s having a control management system (CMS) which allows to web admin to edit/add/upload image/..etc. by certain dashboard they can log in to it by username and password, but that’s not all, dynamic website allow to inactive visual elements such as search in the website field, contact us form, add to cart … etc. and any other element contains interact between user and website to work.

By understanding the difference between a dynamic website and static website you can easily understand what the job of front end developer and back end developer.

Back end developer:

Back end developer is the person who develops of Content Management Systems (CMS) which run on the website host and are used to convey information between the database and the browser / front end.

Plus he makes a dynamic features work, which needs specific code or scripts, such as make website form allowing to user to submit information then web admin receives it by email defined in code script. Plus he can create a script to validate name, e-mail, and URL enter it by the users and give them an error, all these functionalities and more not working on the static website.

Essentially the backend development is the server side, means those processes that happen ‘behind the scenes’ away from the front end of the website which we can call it the soul of the website if we assume the front end is a body.

I guess you can imagine how front end developer and back end developer work together, in a simple word after front end developer creates a static website then the back end developer cares of making it dynamic website.

Full Stack Developer

We have talked about the difference between the front end developer and back end developer, but there is another type of developer named “full-stack developer”.

A full stack developer is a developer that is familiar with both front end and back end development languages; also have general knowledge in all steps from concept to finished product.

How to Become a Full Stack Developer?

You can read a full article about how to become a full stack developer and what you need to learn by clicking on the above link.

However, here a short list of what a full-stack developer should be proficient in:

  • UI and UX
  • Web hosting environment.
  • Relational and nonrelational databases.
  • APIs understanding.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Security issues.
  • Clients and business needs.