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Free Websites Builder Disadvantages

by Sa'ed Hammad

Free Websites Builder or as the most call it DIY Website Builder (DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself).

First, What are a free websites builder or DIY website builder?

Free websites builder or DIY website builder for whom who don’t know is a website provide online tools to create a website in an easy way without any web coding knowledge.

mostly, this free website builder what we called present ready-made templates to choose from as a startup for your website design.

We should mention that WordPress, Joomla or Drupal is not DIY website builder we talk about in this article, to see examples of most popular DIY website builder you can make a simple Google search and even you can sign up for free in one of them.

having a website these days become more important than a business card for every startup company needs a branded online presence that generates business.

Free websites builder that promise to be the best website builder for small businesses. At Saedx for web design company, we beg to differ. While these free websites builder offers online tools that appeal to non-techies wanting to go live with one click. But before you sign up for one of free websites builder, check out the cons below.

Limited technology and functionality.

free websites builder rely on their own technologies which means you have to depend entirely on that website builder creator for all your website issues from development functionality to design web front end, these missing functions can really boost your business.

Web design and development customization limitations mean they do have restrictions in terms of customizations that you produce which you can expect that it might work poor on the website.

in sum, when you choose one of the website builders, the ease of earning is countered by a significant decrease in your ability to leverage your website to create a more successful online marketing, which is the main goal of having a website. Modern websites created based on content management systems (CMS) that integrate marketing functions.

You will be stuck in free websites builder and you cannot transfer your website.

You can’t transfer your website back-end or website design to your own hosting. however, you can copy the content and create a new website but even with this solution at the end you were wasted your time on free website builder. on other hand, Websites built by web design companies can be hosted on all the major hosting companies.


When is free websites builder be good for me?

simple website
if you plan to create a very simple website without any specific features.

temporary website
if you want it temporary and you make a professional website later.

if you want to be on the internet for free without any ambition for the future and that’s the reason most people go with an easy website builder is cost.

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