What we require from client side after they hired our web design company?

When you take the decision to start your online business website by hiring a professional web design company like Saedx for Web Design Company you will have to prepare for us the materials we need to get started with website design and development.

To help you out, we’ve put together a checklist with pointers so you can hit the ground running and get your website live in a timely manner. Through our years of web development experience, we’ve learned that good prep is everything.

Getting Your Website Content Ready

Regardless of whom you have hired to design and develop your website, you will need to compile content.

– Website Images

first, we will need your company logo, preferably saved as a vector file. That means it has a .eps, .pdf, or ai extension or high-resolution png file.
your business images help website visitors visualize your place is very helpful. In addition to business images, a team photo is a nice asset to have.
you will want some images of what you are selling it may products or projects image.

– Website Content

Each web page will require headlines, secondary lines and general paragraphs. if you don’t have your content ready we recommend hiring a professional copywriter to put the final content together. Copywriters understand how to craft engaging content for the web, and they can be very valuable in helping your website sound as professional as it looks.

In Saedx for web design company we have a professional copywriter, so we can provide a copywriting service beside web design and development service when the client needs or you can look for a freelancer. The cost of copywriting service is often worth much less than the time you will spend trying to write content for your website. It’s harder than it looks.

However, there is basic information we require to be ready from client side even copywriter need it:
– contact information
emails, phones, social account URL, location on google map …etc

– Website SiteMap
A sitemap is most important part of collecting content. We need list out the pages and sub-pages you think you will need for your website, here an example of pages and sub-pages:

About Us
Our Services
-Web Design Service
– Online Marketing Services

you can check SAEDX sitemap structure to see a real example.

Outline Content
after having a list of pages, begin outlining the web content that goes on each page. The best way to do this is to create an MS Word document for each page, then write the information. For example, the (about us) page could include the company history, mission and values.

Outlining content at the outset is critical because it helps web designer begin creating layouts for your website. If you don’t have any content to share with, we will put a dummy content call Lorem Ipsum to complete a web design and pages layout until web content being ready then we will replace it with a real content later.