According to professional studies and research from many by competent bodies interested in the field of websites work, they said that 75% of participants in their research stated that web design was one of the major criteria for judging a website’s trusted and credibility.

Stanford University and others back this idea by saying that website visitors make 90% of their first impression based on the website design and layout. This info shows you that website design or user interface (UI) is a very important aspect of a website’s success and should be taken seriously by a decision maker who deals with web design company.

Website visitors take their decision about doing business with you whether you provide services or sell products on the layout of your website and ease of use. According to the Adobe company the leader of graphics programs, 38% of website visitors stop engaging and browsing website when it is not attractive and not easy to use. An appealing web design will encourage website users to spend more time browsing it.

What factors that help you to create eye-catching web design?

Here are some bits of advice that experts are gathered it from several surveys and studies:

Website Colors

colors are one of the important things you need to care about it in the first step to create a good web design. vibrant intense colors in web design can increase web recognition by up to 80%. Dark colors in web design increase web recognition growth by 2% while light colors in websites increase growth by 1.3% respectively. Picking the right color can improve your readership by up to 40%.

Brand credibility

According to AdWeek weekly American advertising, 91% of consumers prefer an actual brand over a dishonest one. Let your website design visually and clearly present your brand message.

Ease to use

Experts said states that web design is 95% typography. It optimizes accessibility, usability, readability, and colors balance.
make sure you optimize its use.

Spacing and Consistency

White space provides an effective legible web experience for users. White space in web design is the space between the website elements, sections on the page, lines of paragraphs, between paragraphs and so on. White space in web design does not literally mean an empty space with a white background. Also, when designing your web pages, you must make sure that you remain consistent with the layout, banner, navigation, typefaces, and colors.


That’s not all thing you need to know about creating attractive website design catching users eyes but it gives you a good idea how important some small details in web design which make a big difference with your business.

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