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What Do You Need to Learn, to be a Full Stack Developer?

by Sa'ed Hammad

A full stack developer is a person who understands and has at least the basic skills to develop a product from start to finish. There’s also who call a full stack designer but they are different than what we talk about them in this article.

Some full stack developers might have design skills as essential for a full stack developer. however, design and development skills are crucial to each other.

Full stack developer is a like a jewel for startups companies, as he provides a range of good services and technical skills that company with limited resources need. in this time the competition between the IT companies growing stronger than any time, which make developers feel the pressure to go full stack.


What Do You Need to Learn, to be a Full Stack Developer?

Here the things you need to learn:

You need to learn basic front-end technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And grow up your front-end development skills with some development frameworks and third-party libraries such as AngularJS, React or jQuery.

To be considered as full stack developer you should know basic back-end development. there are many programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and much… we recommend focusing on one or two programming languages and sharpening your technical skills in it and maintaining a basic knowledge of the others languages.

Databases are essential. relational databases (MySQL), NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis), graph databases (Neo4j), and other web databases.

in design skill, you just need to learn the basics of designing, learn the basics of “User Experience”(UX) design.

the architecture of web programs skills and knowledge helps you to create a complicated web application. by working on a big application you can learn by practice. subjects to keep in your mind: performance optimization for applications, Heroku, AWS, and model-view-controller (MVC).

DevOps is a software development methodology that combines software development with IT operations. Learning DevOps leads to heightened efficiency.

learn about Git and GitHub and how it can manage changes made to source code. This is important especially if you working with a team.

Some of these topics include algorithms and knowledge structures. whereas you’ll be able to succeed as a full stack developer even with none computer science background, at least you need to know the basic of CS.


What makes you a full stack developer is the amount of time and effort you put in learning and gain new skills what make you see the big picture and work well with different work teams.

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