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5 Social Media Marketing Tips

by Sa'ed Hammad

social media marketing has become one of the most important marketing successful methods in our time, it an easier way to communicate to the audience and reaches potential customers.

Many of us think that it is an easy marketing method that does not require experience or plan so many marketers fall into many mistakes.

Here are 5 social media marketing tips you should take into consideration.

1 – Marketing Plan

social media marketing with no plan is like setting off on a long car trip with no map and not even knowing destination you are going for. you need to prepare a plan to make sure that your social media marketing efforts and money you spend on ads campaign not lost.

2 – Don’t link social media platform in one platform

for example, don’t linking your Facebook to your Twitter to share a Facebook post on twitter tweet or your Instagram image to your Facebook. This lazy way it shows you don’t share any thought into the format of your content, and the audience doesn’t like it, so just share the content that it can be viewed on the social media platform you have posted it to.

3 – Be Authentic

stop copying from other accounts content or images in your posts. Just be original and have your special identity with unique content attract the audience.

4 – Create Engagement

To create engagement you have to actually engage with followers. check your mentions, people comments, and their messages. Take a time to reply to people that respond to any of your posts. Thank people when they say something good about you and click like button when they comment your post and you can retweet their reply. This will get more difficult to keep up with as your page fan grows but stay with it for as long as you can.

5- Do not just post for the sake of posting.

Every content you sharing at social media should have a goal or present some benefit to your audience.

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