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5 Tips To Make Your Website User-Friendly

by Sa'ed Hammad

A pretty website design is an important thing but that’s not all. web design is more than colors or attractive elements. If your website is not usable, then it’s not worth people’s time to stay. Keep in your mind that’s users come to your website not to see the design. If you are in a shop for example and can’t find what you’re looking for, you’ll leave and go somewhere else.

User experience (UX) is how a web visitors can navigate and engage with the website. It can be the deciding factor in a visitor buy from you or leave. With plenty of competition at the end of one Google search, you don’t want to be losing a potential client.

It may be difficult to differentiate between good user experience and a beautiful website design. Here are five tips you may consider when you are evaluating the usability of your website:


At old adage, they said that the first impression is the last impression. A simple website design that depicts exactly what you need is a user’s dream. Within seconds of landing on the website homepage, a user should be able to tell who you are and what is your business or your website sell. you should avoid using features that take away from the true goal of your website. These can distract a website visitors and reduce the chance they’ll turn into a client.
also, the website navigation should be as simple as possible. If a website visitors know what they want, it should take them seconds to find it. Always aim to keep your web navigation on the website clear and concise as possible.

2) Brand consistency

Keeping the tone and appearance stable will help keep clients and website visitors on your platform. This is important amongst every single page on the website. Sticking to a theme will have a positive impact on user experience.

3) Important Content

The most important content you want to highlight is those that lead the customer towards what they want. A web design presenting your services or products in clear ways makes the user’s journey as simple as possible.

4) Accessible web design

Websites that work well will have a good opportunity to win new clients. If your website functionalities do not work properly, don’t expect users to put up with it. A high bounce rate is indicative of a slow speed website or many broken links.

the website should work across a range of devices, whether it laptop, phones or tablets. you can learn more about What is a responsive website?

website speed is important, nobody is going to waste their time waiting for slow pages to load. There are always better performing platforms on offer. here a good article can help to speed your website loading: 5 Tips for Website LOAD FASTER.
another good article to test your website speed: Top 5 Online Tools To Test Website Speed

5) Quality Assurance

clients need to trust the business they are dealing with. If your website looks unprofessional it doesn’t portray the right message to the users or potential clients.

Enhance the authenticity of your website by displaying credentials and proofreading copy.

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