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Colors in Web Design

by Sa'ed Hammad

Any website has the goal of influencing its users’ behavior, and web designers have been studying all kind of factors that might affect the users’ reactions.

Among these factors, colors have the biggest influence on people… different colors can create different moods or impressions on the website.

According to some studies, 62%-90% of purchase choices are based on colors!

That’s why; designers have been giving more attention to the psychology of colors in their designs because a bad choice of colors might lead to high bounce rates or even untrustworthiness.

On the contrary; knowing the right colors to use in your web design help you to get more clients. It plays a great role in persuading your clients to take an action, whether this action is a purchase or a conversion.

Where can you use colors on your website?

There are some areas on your website (such as a call for action buttons, pop-ups or headlines), that you should be careful about, these areas might not be very apparent, but choosing the right color for them will make a great difference.

So, how can you choose the right color for your website?

Well, first of all, you must keep in mind that; different colors can create different emotions, so you just need to know what colors to put to good use.
You can use Adobe color wheel tool as a reference to know what colors match your website the best.

Contrast and brightness also play an important role in the success of the website. For example, websites that are dedicated to kids should be in bright colors while websites that deal with women need to have soft themes.


Remember as well, that contrast is too essential when it comes to the website readability. No one will stick to your website if you’re using an overlapping content with unnoticeable font or buttons. So make sure to look at your website by the eye of your client, and you’ll know exactly what the best color schemes use.


Using the right colors

Take a look at the following list of colors and the emotions generated by each one of them.

Using these colors in the right way in your website design will have a huge impact on your sales and clients.


This is the best color for getting people’s attention. You can use this color in the “call to action” buttons.

Red is also associated with excitement, passion or even anger. So you can use this color on websites that want to make clients feel strong or determined.


This color is usually associated with caution, happiness, warmth and healthy mind. It is used by websites of children or online stores that sell products for kids. And the darker shades of yellow are usually used in websites to give the impression of intelligence and authority.


Blue is associated with trust and coolness, it is used most of the time in websites that want to give the feeling of reliability.

Since it is the color of sea and sky, it is also used frequently in websites that sells sea products or have to do with water.


We all know that pink is a girly color, so if your website is designed for a feminine audience, then pink is your color.

It’s associated with young femininity, romance, and innocence. 


It’s the color of nature. This color usually gives the sensation of growth, optimism and peace. So if your website wants to deliver any of these feelings, then green is your best choice.

It’s also used in websites that have to do with environment or nature, or healthy products.


It’s a prestigious color that works very well with other colors signifying elegance such as green or purple.


Black is used mainly in websites to create the contrast we have mentioned before. It goes with all colors and you can’t find a website that doesn’t use black.

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