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Website Suspended Due to Nonpayment

by Sa'ed Hammad

web hosting services

We provide web hosting services for our client upon their request and they are free to choose other hosting provider and request any of our services like web design service, web development service or redesign a website service from us and upload our work to their registered web hosting.

we don’t mind if client prefer to hosting their website with another hosting provider, and most of time they ask us for help in registration steps in online popular web hosting provider companies like GoDaddy or Bluehost and they want to connect their web hosting account to their personal email, at this case we give them our advice and recommendations about best online hosting company provider or hosting packages and help them in the registration steps process.
We respect the customer’s wishes and we are ready to provide advice and information useful to them.
However, some of the clients choose to host their website with us to make sure they get the best support from our side and get our guarantee on hosting.

If a client chose us as a hosting provider we take yearly fees as all hosting provider company.

When we provide web hosting service to the client, the suspending a website hosting for no reason is not at our company policy or our work ethics except some situations.
At Saedx for web design and development company hate to lose clients but in some cases, we see our selves forced to suspend our client account.
In our Terms of Service that non-payment on an invoice for service will cause the service affected after a period of time for example.

here cases which we suspend web hosting account for a client:
1- If has already been almost 120 days past without paying our services fees.
2- If a client tell us to close the account and he would not want to renew web hosting services.
3- If the client using their website for hacking or harm other websites through his website which we hosting.

that’s the only three cases we force us to suspend client website.
we never look for client website content or personal stuff, we are a very professional company and proud of that.

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Anirudh June 16, 2020 - 04:34

Can you help me and recommend good web hosting for beginner?

Mulaudzi mashudu August 21, 2021 - 11:10

A want to pay my voucher


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