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Test website before publishing

by Sa'ed Hammad

Testing website after finish web design and development is a very important step.

Reviewing and testing a website before the website going live to avoid errors that would prevent visitors from completing the goal of the website and would create a bad user experience.

Also when test website before publishing make sure that website is complete in behind the scenes side, which means the things that users cannot see it but it’s important for follow basic SEO guide, for website analytics or any of other optimization tools.

It will be a great idea to create a checklist document when testing a website; you should always compile your findings into one checklist document.

What should you test on the website before publishing?

This checklist provides a starting point for who testing website but you should have a more comprehensive checklist depend on client requirements in website

1- Responsive Web Design

Today most of the users who used the internet they are browsing website via smart phones, all new websites are typically designed to be responsive as a necessary feature, not an extra advantage. The new website should be reviewed and test it on common mobile devices screens and tablets to ensure a good user experience and to confirm that the website is rendering as intended.

This should initially be tested during the web design process. However, it should be tested again after finish website design to ensure formatting is correct.

2- Content and Links

It is important to review website content and check all links within content and navigation to make sure the links are work properly and pointing to the correct page additionally high-quality content and clear navigation is important for SEO.
Also, don’t forget to verify that all social media icons links are linked to the correct social pages.

3-Form Submissions

Testing all forms on the new website include no errors, form entry incorrectly notification, receiving all data by email working properly, define required field and optional field and the user receiving successful send a message once submitted.

4- Basic SEO Requirements

Search engine optimization is one of the main things you need to care about it, when testing SEO on the new website, you should check the following:

– Website Title

– Meta Description

– Content headers or which we call in HTML (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6)

– Images ALT tag

– Site map page and XML site map

That’s not all, but at the minimum, you must complete these things in your website for SEO.


5- Google Analytics

Confirm website used Google Analytics are installed and ready to deploy. Google Analytics helps benchmark and track how the new site performs during and post launch.


6- Browsers compatibility

At least you should confirm that website work properly at modern browsers and major old browsers especially on IE11+

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