Saed Hammad


Current role: Freelance web designer
Education: Self-learning
Expertise: HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, brand and logo design, print design, SEO, Online Marketing
Some of websites design works: Iqraa Tv, Dejlah Tv, ART Tv

Saed Hammad is a web designer from Jordan with over ten years’ experience.

He started in traditional graphic design but fell in love with the web after discovering HTML:

“These days my passion lies in web design. I love that it’s an ever-evolving medium; it’s a fluid canvas that’s constantly adapting to an increasing amount of devices and resolutions. I also love the challenges that come with trying to understand how users interact with our designs.”

Saed Hammad having started his career on web design back at a time when Macromedia was still around and web designer still using tables technique to build website, he has seen the industry go through profound changes; from the ever-evolving technology used to build websites, to the expanding plethora of devices that are now used to access the web. Saed studied at the American University in Palestine-Jenin and then move to Amman-Jordan. He designed the UI for 3 Arabic TV channel websites that was beamed out to 20 million: Iqraa TV, Dejlah TV and ART TV while he worked in KanzIT agency, where he refined his design and development skills under direction from their head web designer.

Freelancer Web Designer

He started Saedx in 2012 to fulfil his dream of being a full-time freelancer, but it’s over the past 12 months that he’s really grown the business. Saed now works with over 50 different clients on a wide range of websites, from medical to brand and identity design.

“Freelancing means choosing your own projects, and there’s no shortage of amazing clients and creative briefs to choose from. Freelancing gives you complete freedom,”

“While I can appreciate current web trends I try to keep my work as original as possible,”

“I prefer to take inspiration from unlikely places, such as in nature, instead of looking through inspiration galleries online. My style has always been to keep things simple and to be as non-democratic in my approach as possible. Design by committee never works. If you try and please everyone you end up with a camel when you’re trying to design a horse.”

For Saed, the most powerful designs are the simplest ones.

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