At Saedx for web design and online marketing which our services include graphic design, so when we are wondering: are all the designs created by us reflect our creativity as a design company? this is a very important question, especially when most of the clients “if not all of them” asking us about our web design portfolio, graphic design portfolio or ask us to see our previous designs to know our experience level before taking their decision about dealing with us.

Designers portfolio or design companies portfolio is like their university grade or practical experience for someone looking to a job, their certified and experience strengthen their position in front of the employer as well as for graphic design company with clients.

At Saedx company we are specialized in web design and graphic design, so we always face this question from clients: We want to see your previous works? Even when they randomly visiting our website through the search engine, for example, the first thing they keen to see is our design portfolio. Our website visitors they already know that we are a web design and graphic design company and on this basis, they know our services and what we offer but the most important point remains for them is to check our company’s portfolio.

As our design portfolio has a big impact on the clients decision who are looking for a company that provides our services, so we may have issues with some of our previous work which not creative due to several reasons, such as:

We apply a client view on design, not our view.

There are some customers who intervene in the smallest details related to designs and this is their right of course, but the problem is when they do not have any design experience and do not know the new trends in design or don’t have an artistic touch.

Some customer may ask to merge colors that are inconsistent with each other or reduce distances between layout sections which making layout content overlapping and uncomfortable for readers or other things that simply distort the design and make it poor, but keep this customer desire at the end and we should do what they want.
In this case, we have no choice but to satisfy the customer’s desire even if we have a reservation on his requests and non-substantive interventions.

Our mission is to reach a design that satisfies the client, not a design that reflects our capabilities, in addition, we are thinking about the customer’s field of work when start designing.

This is another important point. When we start to work on a design, we try to reach a convergence point with the client vision, so that the design should be within the client vision of their brand.
We are showing a client brand through our design not our technical capabilities, methods, and accumulated experience in design. however, the design governed by the business kind and this may restrict us.
For example, if we design a website for children school it different than if we design a website for university or a commercial institution, in the case of the children’s school we will depend on the colors and give the design some joy and animated style, otherwise if we are working on the design of a corporate business, the design will be more serious and formal.

The initial design we provide is always modified by the customers

This point is consistent with what we have said previously that our goal is to reach a design that satisfies the customer’s artistic outlook and how wants to highlight his brand.

Often when starting a design project, whether graphic design or website design, we deliver an initial desgin which reflect our creativity and our vision of design. This first demo design may be modified by the customer to the extent that it completely turns it away from the first demo we provided or may be refused and we create another one.

We continue to modify and change design until we reach to design acceptable by the client and this is our main goal is to deliver a project that client satisfaction and happy of what we have done.


in some cases, the client sends a template design or suggest design idea and we only implement this design on his brand or even in the case of designing a website, the customer may provide us with an approved design image then our job is coding only and build a backend.

These are some of the factors which possible to realize from it that not all customers depend on us for creativity and design ideas. There are those who consider us to be implementation tools for what they think and imagine. However, we do not object to this because the client is the decision owner and our target his full satisfaction with work.