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by Sa'ed Hammad

What is UX in Website Design?

In simplest words, User Experience (UX) is understanding how users or your website visitors interact with your website.

So, How you understanding how users interact with your website?

By analyzing the user’s behavior and adapting your website accordingly, you can create the best experience for them.

When you considering UX in your website design, you need to catch users values and their expectations. however, website users mostly they wish to have the best interaction with what you want them to use on your website. If you understanding a user’s needs and goals when they visiting your website, that’s can lead to the success of your website.

Why is UX important?

The importance of UX lies in the fact that your website must have optimum UX in order for the user to purchase from your corporate. If the correct strategies are not in place, they may refrain from making a purchase or undertaking whatever action you want them to complete.

to gain the attention of potential clients, UX is fundamental. Your website visitors decide within a matter of seconds whether they are interested in your website and if it does not appeal to them immediately, they will click X. There is a lot of pressure to stand out from the crowd, so correctly adapting your website to provide a better UX is a must.

What are the aspects you need to fix in order to make your website engaging?

Attractive Website

Most of the users are keen on visual elements when it comes to visiting the website, these visual elements we call it UI (User Interface). Consider the icons, colors, logos, fonts, etc.

Useful Content

for successful website content, just ensure it’s easy of use to website users. make your website content unique and original with your ideas so that your users feel as though your website content is valuable.

Usable Website

Let users return to your website, for that you need to make your website easy to navigate and use. If users believe that your website is too complicated or laid out in a way which is annoying or distracting, the probability that the users will not return after first visited.


your website must be visible on the search engine to be seen by a number of users, it must be easy to find online. ask yourself this question: why I need to make a website if it’s not visible for users when they make a search on google.

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