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by Sa'ed Hammad

Every business has a story… let us help you to tell the world


Saedx is a branding, graphic design, web design, web development and interactive studio based in Amman, Jordan that connects brands with people in a digital world


With a combined experience of over 10 years, we have the capability and knowledge to make your ideas come alive. Whether you’re a startup, a one-man-band, a retail store or high value brand; we’ll become an extension of who you are, working with you, rather than for you.


We always make updates and tweaks to improve our SEO rankings of website for a competitive search keyword. So today, we I’ll write and share with you the things we did and continue doing to improve the SEO for our small business website – This is a live example of applying freely available SEO tips on the Internet coupled with our web design skills and SEO experiences to achieve SEO rankings in Google and other search engines. We hope it will benefit other small business website owners. So hear is our small business website SEO success story.


Our success from SEO is modest and still evolving. You can see how successful our SEO efforts have been from the screenshot of visitor statistics to this website.


We get a lot of inquiries and clients for web design business through the continuous SEO efforts we put into this website. We opened our small business, Saedx Solutions and launched this website in 2012. We don’t have to tell you being in the web design industry the competition for our business related SEO keywords is very high. When we launched our website there were already established websites which were highly optimized and difficult to beat. But our SEO efforts started paying off within about a year. And we are now ranking in Google and other search engines for some competitive keyword searches in our highly competitive web design business sector in our local market Jordan.


Now we work with small-large businesses/brands and other agencies in the Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Germany and UAE.


SAEDX values


Saedx is built upon four core values. These values make us who we are as a team and as individuals.


Sharing new ideas and knowledge

Sharing knowledge to those we can help and gaining knowledge from those around us is important. Learning from our mistakes is invaluable.


Never stop learning

The moment we stop learning, the capability of what we do starts to diminish. Saedx operates on a six day work week, the seventh day being dedicated to learning new things and team building.


Quality over Quantity

If you want something quick and poorly made, then we aren’t right for you. We serve long-lasting client relationships that understand what quality is and come to us to create quality products, time and time again.


People over Profits

Design is our passion; we love being part of something bigger than ourselves. Building products that make a difference in people’s lives is what drives us more than any paycheck.



Whether you’re a Graphic Designer, Web / UI / UX Designer, Front-end Developer or Back-end Developer, we’d like to hear from you.


If you’ve got what it takes… Get in touch!

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