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Choosing a Domain Name

by Sa'ed Hammad

Domain name or web address, for example our domain name is (, choosing domain name are a critical part of your online identity.

Your website domain name should be chosen with as much care as you chose your company or brand name, because a badly chosen domain name can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your website.

you should ask few questions before picking a good domain name for your new website.

Q1) Is the domain name memorable?

Q2) Does the domain name describe your business?

Q3) Does the domain name extension reflect the country where you do business? (eg

Q4) Should you register variations of the domain name? (eg or

Q5) Are there benefits in having several regional websites? (eg or

Q6) Are other companies already trading under similar names?

Q7) Should you buy a pre-existing domain name?

Q8) If you want to buy an existing domain name, how do you find one and what is it really worth?

Saedx for Web Design and web development are domain name experts, and will help you to know the options and choose the right domain for your website.

Domain Name tips:

  • Domain names length: between 3 and 67 characters.
  • You can use almost any combination of letters, numbers and hyphens to create your domain name.
  • There is also an internationalised system of domain name registration (IDN) which supports non-English characters.
  • try to avoid domain names that contain numbers or multiple hyphens as well as words that are either difficult to spell or can be spelled in different ways.

Choosing a Domain Name:

Domain names generally are either memorable (eg, descriptive (eg or generic (eg

Memorable domain names (eg
Memorable domain names are very good if you are looking to build a strong corporate or brand identity. get unique domain name to support your brand identity through appropriate marketing.

Descriptive domain names (eg

Descriptive domain names can be easier to develop because the subject or services of the website is clear to anyone who reads the web address. This means that simply reading your website domain name lets visitors know what they will find on website. Although descriptive domains tend to be longer, they can be perceived as being more relevant to the task at hand, especially when a potential clients is looking for specific services. Keyword research is important when you choosing a descriptive domain name, because visitors often think about the same subject using slightly different language. lets see this example from our website major, people search for ‘web design company’ more than ‘web development company’, more people search for ‘web development company’ than ‘IT company’ and more people search for ‘IT company’ than ‘information technology company’.

Generic domain names (eg,
Generic domain names are the holy grail for marketing purposes, since they are both short and descriptive. Generic domain names can receive significant type-in traffic, from people speculatively typing the domain name into their browser address bar. but all of these domain names type are Premium and its very expinseve when you find one for sale especially in .com or .net TLD, but the good news is you can find Generic domain names in new TLD like, .online, .club, .xyz, .site , .tech, .live, .cloud and more! thats what we will talk about in next part.
TLD (Top Level Domain)
TLD is the domain name extension, the part of a domain name that comes after the dot. has the .com TLD, and has the TLD. The .com and .net TLD are the most popular tld, and has become almost synonymous with the internet. but today there is more than 100 new tld such as .me, .online, .company, and much more, which called Generic top-level domains (gTLDs). all countries have country-specific extensions, such as the Jordan .jo tld.

the Responsibility for management of tld is delegated to specific organizations by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and is in charge of maintaining the DNS root zone.

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Amanda Drew October 31, 2017 - 23:55

I think that you make a good point that people will use different language for the same subject. One group, in particular, would be non-English speakers. This would be especially true if your main audience doesn’t have English as their first language. You’d want to find a domain name that fits your article’s description of a good one in their native language.


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