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Do not let web design companies fool you

by Sa'ed Hammad

Many employers realize the importance of having a website for their business, whether they are companies or individuals of professionals as a doctor, lawyer or even just individuals who have an idea they want to publish it online or just looking to create a personal website.

But the problem for those looking for a web design company is that they do not know the right mechanism in a pick best web design company which fit their aspirations, Which may expose them to manipulation them and deceive them by some web design companies.

We will give you some of the methods that web design companies follow in deceiving the client:

– Get a website starting at 100 $
One of the cheapest marketing tactics to tempt a potential customer is in price. The fact that no one can give you the price in advance before studying your website requirements and evaluating the effort and time they will spend on the website.
The price can be determined based on what the client requests on their website and the customer’s requirements vary depending on the nature of the website and its purpose.
Imagine that you want to buy a mobile phone, How you can determine mobile price? You will say it depends on mobile specifications, as well as the website price. There is no fixed price that can be offered to you. Many customers contacted us and before told us anything about website requirements they start asking about the price and this is a mistake, no one can offer a price before examining the requirements of the customer.

– I will sell you a car with the amazing advantage that it is walking on four wheels
This is another way to mislead the customer used by some companies. They exploit the customer’s ignorance of web development and provides the obvious basics comes with the website as features.

For example, responsive web design which means that website fit on all screens (mobile – iPad – desktop) they provide it as a feature.
Or they offer FTP account to upload files as a feature or Google Analytics, which is a free service from Google as a feature also. All these examples come with any website by default.

– You have a certain number of pages and if you increase the number of pages, they increase the price.
This stupid way is one of the most absurd and ridiculous ways I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, some web design companies use it for marketing.
The true is a number of pages on the website is not imoprtant, because the client has CMS can create an unlimited number of pages and modify the content of his site. I still can’t understand the companies that follow this idiot style in marketing their offers.

These are three quick examples to name a few.
My advice to every company or individual looking for a website design company, is not to be fooled by the marketing methods that companies follow to get a customer and focus more on the credibility of dealing and clarity in providing information without concealment for fear of losing the project or opening the customer’s eye on something that they has been overlooked. Attention should also be paid to the experiences of former customers with the company.

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