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How Much Does A Website Cost and WordPress Website Cost?

by Sa'ed Hammad

Very often people asked us about website price, “how much does a website cost?” It’s a good question but difficult to give a straightforward answer. It depends on many factors like the website type, size, and features. If someone asked you how much is a car, or how much is a phone, can you give an exact price? It is difficult to tell without knowing the brand, model, options and whether it’s new or used etc. Same as cars or phones the cost of a website varies.


A website will have an initial cost to build. It will also have monthly/yearly maintenance costs. In the current market, the initial cost to build a website can vary from about US$250 (for a very simple website) to millions of dollars (think of large and complex websites like or The maintenance cost can be about $100 annually for a small and very basic website. For large, complex websites it can easily run into thousands of dollars.


In the past 3 years here at Saedx Solutions, we have undertaken to build many small to medium size websites. For small website we have charged $250 to $1000 depending on the website requirements and features. We charge $2000 to $6000 for medium size website like ecommerce sites with payment gateways or self-editable websites with a content management system (CMS) and small online systems etc. Again it all depends on the website features, complexity, time, custom graphic designing, custom web development/programming requirements and many more.


WordPress Website Cost


A lot of potential clients request a price for WordPress website?

In short answer, a WordPress website can cost clients from anything around $100 dollars to about $10,000 dollars.

You have 2 choices:


1) Doing it yourself if you looking for very basic WordPress website

If you are doing it yourself (DIY) you don’t need web design company or web designer help, simply you can make a basic WordPress website for around $100. The WordPress software itself is free and you there are hundreds of free designs you can choose from for the look of your WordPress website.

You’ll need to spend the $100 dollars annually to get the web hosting + domain name.

Cost details in US dollars = 60$ – 80$ for a cheap web hosting + 10$ – 20$ for the domain name registration.

But doing it yourself is not an option for everyone. What you save in money you will spend with your time. If you want a basic website like what you can get by doing it yourself by learning and tinkering around a few weeks, it’s worth paying  for us to set it up and launch it with a day or two. So go for next choice


2) Let us do it for you if you are looking for basic WordPress website

If you are looking for basic WordPress website and need professional work in fast time and good start, you have this choice. We’ll charge you around $550 for one language or $750 for multi-languages. You then get a basic WordPress website with a free theme, setup and launched by a professional.

but keep in mind, this above prices is for basic website without specific features ,, if u looking in our website right now >>> that’s whats we mean by basic and sample

for any questions about prices please contact us

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