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One Page Website Design

by Sa'ed Hammad

One Page Website Design or Single page website

The website usability is what determines the website success. The average Internet user decides whether or not to continue investigating your website after only
site content5 seconds of review, that’s what’s named (The First Impression).

However, the website design elements of a website are just as important website content. There is a many of web design options and web design functionalities website owners may choose, the newest trend is a one-page website layout design.

What is a One Page Website Design or Single page website?

One Page Website Design or Single page website consists of only a single web page which navigating to different sections of the website on the same web
page. All the different sections of the website are on the same page and you can from the navigation menu to scrolls down or jumps to a particular
content’s section.

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The Advantages of One Page Website Designs:

One page website design is also referred to as a scrolling website in web design field, simplify web content and menu navigation to fit onto a web single
page. Unlike traditional multi-pages websites design, which features a single web page for a single topic, One-page website design combines vital
information into an easily navigate website.

  •  The entire one page website is designed around the studied habits of web users. Given that the majority of web users scan content instead of actually
    reading each line, sites must be designed to support this behavior.
  • One page website design allow users to navigate important information fast and easily.
  • One page website design information is concise. The succinct information is the cornerstone of all successful websites in this time. Single page websites
    are designed around this principle.
  • One page website design allows users to navigate through a website not through menu links options, but through a scrolling. As users scroll, the page
    automatically populates.
  • One page website design unlike traditional website designs, which rely on the interest of the visitor to discover important website information, one page
    websites streamline and supports the release of this information.

The Disadvantages of One Page Website Design:

While the benefits of single page designs are weighty, there is main disadvantage of One Page Website Design:

One page website design not friendly with the search engine, while multi-page website design tends to be more useful as you may target specific keywords and data on an individual page, which is highly regarded by search engine robots.

Recently a lot of websites owners are going for single page website design or one page website design as a new trend. While single page website design
works for marketing a service that does not have much content, this may be very damaging from SEO perspective, especially for websites which are
meant to have a broad coverage of services or contents.

One page website design can be great for new websites and some of the special projects. I don’t recommend them as long-term solutions and if your
website has a multi-page, We do not recommend switching to a One-page website design.

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